About Us

The NIMechE Internship and Mentorship Platform nimp.com.ngis Nigeria’s first Mechanical Engineering platform dedicated to collectingcollating and accessing all forms of internship and internship related information in Nigeria and Ghana, providing job opportunities in Mechanical Engineering and related fields for graduates and providing an opportunity for mentorship development in the mechanical engineering space.

It provides a centralized information platform for the following target users:

  • }  Students of mechanical engineering in Nigeria and Ghana,
  • }  Graduates of Mechanical Engineering
  • }  Mechanical Engineering organizations and institutions
  • }  Practicing Mechanical Engineers to serve as mentors

What you can do with nimp.com.ng

  1. Create user profiles
  2. Upload and Build your CVs (can we add this option?)
  3. Search for internship and job opportunities
  4. Allow employers post internship opportunities jobs and users receive such updates and allow users see the number of opportunities available
  5. Have a knowledge centre for blogging on various job readiness topics, guide for building resumes, resources to help prepare users for interviews, entrepreneurship etc
  6. Connect student to potential mentor
  7. Have an internship dairy, where the student log daily activities and invite supervisors to comment.
  8. Create a unique layout for job descriptions and profiles
  9. Provide LinkedIn Compatibility – Users can you import their information from, and link to, their LinkedIn profile. (Is this option available)